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So Apparently a WhitePaper is a must in the crypto world  in my eyes actions speak louder than words :D

But here goes for all you whitepaper addicts here is your fix :P

Its not going to be fancy and its hopefully not going to be too long because I can think of a lot better things to do than this :)

For example thinking of more competitions to give you more free tokens :D

BUT…. here we go :D


I know the crypto world can be a daunting place and doing one thing wrong could cost you a lot of money :(

So  I decided to let everyone have a chance to use Crypto without it costing them any of the hard earned money.

I have made a Waves Token Called NICE, there is 21 million total supply and that is the final amount no more can be minted these will all be given away FREE by way of airdrop and Website daily interest until all have been distributed :)


  1. We distribute  1 million NICE Tokens @ 1%15% interest Daily (distribution time unknown)
  2. We will have  XTRNICE FORK to make things a little more exciting you are going to be able to claim the FORK depending on the amount of NICE and Xnice you own on the website. only active people will receive the FORK.
  3. We then distribute XTRNICE @ starting at 10% Daily Interest. you will also receive more XTRNICE based on how many NICE and Xnice you have
  4. Then I promise we will have thought of another good way or if this way works we will continue down the same path whatever way we will always be giving out a daily percentage and every token will always have a value.
  5. Start getting Tokens listed on CoinMarketCap
  6. We also have another project running that owners of Tokens  will receive a share of the pre-mine.

(subject to change but only for the greater good)

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