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Donation Targets

Between Me and KingJames we have come up with an idea so we have donated 1000 NICE each  from our balances  as we was going way to far into the lead and we did not want to take them away from the website :)

also the website is donating 2000 tokens to Double the Rewards

So if you donate to help pay for MrNice.Fun Lottery you will receive lots of nice in return you can not get them cheaper anywhere else :D

PLEASE only donate if you can afford to Donate the lottery is not that important, You will not see a return on your donation for at least 6 months maybe sooner depending on how fast we grow.

Amount of BTC Required NICE Reward for donation How donation will be used. Time Frame once donation target reached
0.02 BTC 4000 @ 0.00000500 BTC Each Development of NICE Lottery 1-2 Days

Once you have decided on the amount to donate send it to the address below



if you wish to donate by different currency message MrNice

You can deposit any amount and you will receive the NICE to match

ie. if you donate 0.0002 BTC you will receive 40 NICE


Your daily interest will increases as well depending on the amount you Donate More info coming soon.

Once you have made your donation open a support ticket with the transaction ID for immediate deposit of NICE.

Submit Ticket Here
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