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There is 3 ways of depositing

Make sure you use the correct address for the kind of deposit you wish to use


Also make sure you deposit more than the minimum amount.

Bitcoin from Bitcoin Wallet 3E2jSuUJrE7xzkFYqSiP43V3USoZAABEMa  Minimum 0.0010 BTC
Bitcoin From WAVES Wallet 3PQ6qaJCmgpFnE2tuKqjL3hYpqX6mLsJc7X  Minimum 0.0001 BTC
WAVES 3PQ6qaJCmgpFnE2tuKqjL3hYpqX6mLsJc7X Minimum 1 WAVES

If you are unsure about anything PLEASE open a support ticket before you deposit

mistakes can not be rectified after you have deposited

Support Ticket

After Deposit  Please Open a support ticket with your transaction ID and amount Deposited so that it can be credited to your Account if it does not credit straight away :)

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