Quick update

//Quick update

Quick update

Investors on-board

I have managed to get enough investor onboard who willing to invest enough to launch our very own mrnice.fun exchange engine where you will be able to trade all our tokens and many more the development will commence  at the beginning of 2019 expected to be in BETA testing buy the summer and in full operation by November 2019.

Bounty’s update

I happy to say we have had a excellent response from the Telegram bounty lets hope it continues.

I have now raised the amount you receive for other bounty’s on the Bounty Page >> Click Here <<

1 RPN = 100 NICE

Now the quickest way to earn tokens is from Referral Points NICE (RPN) the Daily interest is 10% then you can exchange the RPN for any other tokens on the exchange I have done this to reward the members who are trying to help this community grow

If 10% Daily interest’s you then

 share your referral link below on all your favorite Social Media’s

and start earning 10% Daily.

Referral Link = http://mrnice.fun/?mref=

Do not forget to share and tweet and comment your Twitter and Facebook usernames below for the Bounty’s

will be handing out bounty’s in the next 24 hrs

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  1. Haris Harrison Editor October 11, 2018 at 8:44 am

    That’s an amazing news…. But have a concern will investing to launch our own exchange is going to help in community growth.? I believe our community can grow if we find investors who can help us in getting our tokens registered with the leading exchanges….

    • MrNice October 13, 2018 at 12:29 pm

      We are still aiming to get listed on leading exchanges as well that will just come with time our own exchange will help in community growth and will help us get listed on CMC so then leading exchanges will take us more seriously (and who knows we may end up been a leading exchange ourselves) we will also be using some of the investors money to pay listing fees.

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