RPN is LIVE 10% Daily

//RPN is LIVE 10% Daily

RPN is LIVE 10% Daily


1 RPN per Referring Signup
0.001 RPN per Referring Visitor

1 RPN = 100 NICE

1 RPN = 0.00015 Xnice

you will then receive 10% Daily interest on RPN and then you can exchange then whenever you want for any token in our exchange.

you will now only receive RPN for referrals

They will be no more increase in interest rate For NICE for referrals

Anyone who is currently receiving extra interest rate has got  RPN for compensation depending on the amount of signups 1 RPN per 10 signups

If you have Referrer Signups and you have not received your RDN open a support ticket you have one week to claim your RPN


Dont forget to share tweet and comment your twitter username for your bounty’s

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  1. Haris Harrison Editor October 2, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    Thanks for adding a new token just to claim referral commission. It’s a brilliant idea 👌

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